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Classes closed 16th and 18th April 2019, 28th & 30th May, closed 25th July to 9th August, reopen 13th August 2019.

I am a British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Teacher and I practice Hatha Yoga. The two courses I completed total over 3 years to become qualified and with BWY you have to provide evidence that you have been practicing Yoga for at least two years before starting their course, I had 5 years of experience before starting my course. Don't settle for imitations.
Please select links above for the site addresses and further directions to Yoga classes in Gillingham (Hempstead). You can contact me by selecting the email link above or emailing and you can phone me on 01634 325961 or mobile 07765 910625.
Charges are £7 per class, 5 weeks in advance. I will also advertise any periods of closure on this page. Free Parking is available.

Basic Safety Tips for Yoga
Always let me know if you are brand new to yoga or if you have any injuries (I do not teach pregnant Ladies). I will be able to keep an eye on you and give you modifications if necessary. Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and stretch. Avoid wearing loose baggy clothes that are going to flop in your face and also try to avoid wearing dangly or heavy jewellery. Bare feet are best for traction or if you love wearing your socks check out the various Yoga Socks on the market that separate your toes and have a grip on the bottom so you don't slip.

Avoid over straining. Yoga props are a great way to avoid over-straining. If touching the floor with your fingertips is causing you to over-strain any one part of the body, use a yoga block and bring the floor up to you. Placing the block on its lowest setting is going to give you the most stability.

If you have any medical problems that may affect your ability to exercise then it is always best to consult a doctor before taking up any activity.
In general, modern day society leads many to become less active or even couch potatoes. The problem with lack of movement is that our bodies and muscles do not receive the exercise they need and they become weaker as we get older. Injuries such as back pain come along and it can become a vicious cycle of even less exercise and more weight gain. If you can’t go to work because you are extremely unfit or have a bad back then that is not a good place to be. Unfortunately most people leave it until this stage before they decide to seek help. If you are at this stage you will have more problems than just your health as it does also affect the people around you. If your job is desk bound, chair bound or driving for most of the day then your daily activity levels for your body could be below what I would recommend. You cannot get fit by thinking about it, you have to take action and make the effort, unfortunately most people continue to think about it! Attending a Yoga class for 1 week is of no benefit to you either, you cannot achieve anything in 1 week. My classes are for people who want to attend regularly.

I believe it is important to have strong core muscles but we exercise all parts of the body.
A strong core is important in many ways: preventing and alleviating lower back pain, removing joint pressure, stabilising the pelvis and lower back, encouraging correct posture and spinal alignment.

If you have not practiced Yoga before, don't worry there are many new people in my classes as well. Don't leave it until a bad injury comes along, prevention is better than cure.

A place has to be booked to attend a class initially as the class could be full etc.