Medway Yoga
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£7 per class, payable 5 weeks in advance.

All new students should pay 5 weeks in advance. If you need a week off then just give me one weeks notice, preferably by email so we both have a record and you will not have to pay for that week, if you do not notify me then you will be charged. In addition to this if you are are only coming along very irregularly then I may have to give your place to someone else depending on how many inquiries I have. My classes are still in effect pay as you go but I am trying to build up clients who are committed. It is easy to sit in front of the fire and think I will give it a miss tonight because it is raining so this method should also help you as well as me. I still have to pay for the room hire if you arrive or not.

If you join a local gym they will ask you to sign a contract for 1 year. Your maximum commitment with me will only be £35.00.

I do have a summer holiday like most people, however I do not close my classes just because half the class is on holiday, I still provide the service during the holiday season to those that can attend.

Closure of classes:

25th December to 2nd January.

Open for classes on 3rd Jan 2019.