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I list below a few clippings and links. If you are going to look at any of these, select the first one from the BBC:

Worlds oldest Yoga Teacher - BBC

University of Rochester Medical Center New York - 10 good reasons to do Yoga

Scientific Reasons For Why You Should Practice Yoga

Boots WebMD - Yoga after a stroke

Gareth Bale - International Football Player

Miley Cirus

Good for the mind

Yoga & Back Pain - what does back pain cost the NHS

Yoga & Asthma

Girl, 13, who faced wheelchair due to curved spine learns to breakdance after taking up yoga

Jennifer Aniston and Yoga May 2013

Forget the gym: Yoga is better at boosting memory and concentration than vigorous exercise

Yoga supports a healthy metabolism, strengthens the immune system and enhances brain function

Stubborn excess body fat that won't budge?

Men & Yoga

Yoga cured my spine: Woman who suffered scoliosis for a decade fixed her condition with exercise

Depression, anxiety / panick attacks

100 years old and fit with Yoga